About us

Solidarity, voluntary and community work – that is the meaning and the essence of Tiwizi.

Association Tiwizi is a Moroccan organisation located in Douar Taourirte, a small village in Asni. The association was established at July 22, 1998 as an independent, non-governmental and non-profit organisation without religious, political, philosophical or doctrinal bias. Surrounded by the beautiful peaks of the High Atlas and the friendly smiles of the Berber population, Tiwizi aims to meet local social, economic, cultural and ecologic needs. To operationalise its overall goal, Tiwizi has formulated the following five working areas:

  1. Solidarity, sense of community and altruistic work: Tiwizi encourages the local population to participate in activities of the association and invest their time and energy in the common good. Furthermore, the association aims to foster interaction between people with different cultural backgrounds and therefore welcomes volunteers from all over the world to cooperate within the association’s work.
  2. Protecting and preserving the local environment: Tiwizi aims to develop and implement programmes for the preservation of the environment and conservation of natural ecological heritage.
  3. Socioeconomic development: Tiwizi enhances the livelihoods of women and children in particular through training – foremost in the fields of literacy, hygiene and culture – and income generating activities such as traditional craft workshops.
  4. Education of local youth: Tiwizi strengthens the intellectual and cultural competence of young inhabitants of Taourirte by reducing illiteracy and organising educational, cultural and sports activities in and around the association’s community center.
  5. Organisational capacity building through networking: Tiwizi continuously seeks new relationships with similar organisations in the region, at national level and internationally to promote knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas and experiences.