Volunteers are more than welcome to roll up their sleeves for Tiwizi. Since the possibilities for volunteering depend on the actual need and the wishes and talents of the volunteers, there are no ready-made projects to register for. At the one hand this requires some flexibility and efforts of the volunteers; at the other hand it opens up opportunities for volunteers to truly experience life in Taourirte and contribute in their own manner. To get a sense of volunteering for Tiwizi, possible activities are the following:

Agricultural activities

Saffron project: One of the income generating activities Tiwizi employs is the saffron project. For this costly spice, the seeds have to be planted in June and July; the land has to be worked on from August to October, from the end of October to about November 20, the saffron flowers can be yielded and in May the soil should be cleaned.

Olives project: The Asni hills are filled with olive trees. From January to March, trees can be planted; in November and December, olives can be yielded.

Teaching girls at the boarding school

Enthusiastic female volunteers are welcome at the boarding school for girls in Asni. Volunteers can teach English, organise computer lessons and help with the girls’ homework. The boarding school seeks volunteers who are willing to stay at least two months between October and May.


Tiwizi wants to expand its beekeeping project: 400 beehives is the goal. Volunteers willing to help are more than welcome. Volunteers will be supervised by a professional beekeeper and receive the needed equipment. Not afraid of bee buzz? Join!

English lessons at the village

Volunteers can help teaching English to local youth at the Tiwizi Guest House. These lessons are given after school. The project runs from October to May.

Irrigation of the area

The green space surrounding Tiwizi Guest House and the trees up the hills should not fall victim to the drought in the Moroccan summer time. Volunteers can help irrigating the land and spade the soil.

It is possible to combine several of these volunteering options. Besides, Tiwizi is always interested in volunteers’ own initiative and ideas! Do not hesitate to contact the association for more information about actual projects or volunteering opportunities.